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Materials used in our laboratory

Cercon | Vita | Noritake

Cercon ™ Brain
The scanning and milling unit Cercon brain is filled to the brim with programming expertise - Non-contact scanning of the wax model, generation of the corresponding data record, milling of the zirconium oxide blank (Cercon base) - and at the end - the finished crown or bridge framework.


Cercon ™ Heat
Cercon brain’s intelligence pays off when it enters the hot phase. At 1350°C, the single crown coping or bridge framework reaches its optimal strength in the Cercon heat furnace. Processed in a chalky-soft state, then just sintered hard – that is the secret of the “all-ceramic aesthetics” of zirconium oxide-TZP (“tetragonal zirconia polycrystals”).

The high-performace ceramic, ziconium oxide has already been in use for along time - in diverse applications such as the Space Shuttle, Porsche cars, gems and artificial hip joints. As a dental technician, how would you now like to get back to the best features of your work? Strong, fracture resistant, pleasing to the eye, biocompatible - with pure TZP ("tetragonal zirconia polycrystals"), you combine the patients' wishes for a "white restauration" with the clinical requirements related to masticatory loading.
  Images and text Supplied By Cercon ™ Smart Ceramics

Vita Toothguide 3D-master
With the VITA Toothguide 3d-master it is possible to determine all natural tooth colours surely and systematically.
It is the at present only colour scale for the determination of natural tooth colors, which is systematically developed according to a colourmetric order principle.
The color regulation takes place after the three dimensions (3D), which determine the color impression:

(Value)       (Chroma)       (Hue)

Shade Guide
Noritake Porcelain incorporates less of a greenish color and shifts toward more of a pinkish color. This new system promotes better reproduction of the vivid shades of natural teeth. Noritake shade Guide was developed utilizing this concept. Please note that stains have not been used in the fabrication of the Shade Guides to facilitate the correct selection of shades.
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